Shipping & Billing Schedule

ChiMomBox / PomMomBox offers bi-monthly subscription boxes. Boxes ship the first week of the month, bi-monthly. New box months are February, April, June, August, October and December. 






Boxes ship around the 5th of the month every 2 months. Order before the 21st of to get that months box. If you order after the 21st, you will receive the next one. Example- You order June 10. Your June box will ship within a day or two. Your next box will come in August. Order June 23 and you will get the July box. Your next box will be in September. After the first box, you will be in the regular rotation to have your box shipped the first week bi- monthly.  Boxes will auto bill the 25th.


For One time and gift boxes- Current available box will ship within a day or 2.


There is a flat fee shipping price of $6.99 per box added to all orders.


**Please note that if we still have remaining boxes after the cutoff date, you may be offered the most recent box instead of waiting for the next. Boxes may also sell out before the cutoff. In that case, you will start at the next box.




Billing for new boxes are done immediately. Bi-monthly billing will be the 25th bi-monthly.  Example- You order Jun 10. You are billed immediately and your box ships within a day or two. You will then be billed July 25th for the August box.